ANA ANDRADE IS A THIRD-GENERATION RESTAURANTEUR. Her parents and grandparents both opened restaurants in the Puget Sound area. Her cousins and extended family helped along the way. So when it became time for her to continue the family legacy, she was ready. 


She knew that she wanted to build a menu of authentic Mexican cuisine. So she passed on Tex Mex mainstays like nachos and enchiladas. She opted for cotija cheese - instead of cheddar. And she didn't shy away from adding more rustic proteins like tripe and lengua to the menu. In short, it was food that you'd expect find at your local taco truck - rather than the arroz-con-pollo cantina on the corner. 


Today, visitors to the restaurant see this inspiration front-and-center. Parked in the center of the space is a white-paneled, decommissioned taco truck - complete with an el trompo rotisserie and salsa bar. It's a very visual reminder of what Ana and her staff are working so hard to create: an authentic, classed-up Mexican restaurant that respects tradition while setting the trend. 


Since the doors first opened in January, The Port has been a place where food and family are paramount. This hospitality helped establish the restaurant's reputation before shelter-in-place forced Ana and her staff to close. But the buzz was enough to sustain their to-go business during the tough times. 


As the restaurant continues to operate in accordance with the state's COVID protocols, Ana and her time will work to make every guest feel like they're family. 

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