SIFT AND GATHER Amber Markland is the heart and soul behind Sift and Gather--a bakery and cake shop built on a foundation of love. She honed her skills baking cakes for a charity called 'Birthday Cakes 4 Free'. The non-profit's mission was simple: to spread joy through simple acts of cakeness. 


Alongside her family, she baked dozens of birthday cakes for disadvantaged children and seniors. 


These small, simple gestures showed her children what it meant to serve her community. They also helped build confidence in her craft. She soon elevated her passion project to a bonafide business plan. 


In 2019, she opened a storefront in the heart of downtown Olympia and began baking. Her insta-worthy creations soon graced the pages of wedding magazines and social feeds. 


She maintained her commitment to service by donating portions of her proceed to community causes. She also worked to honor her military roots. As an Air Force vet, she acted on the principles of teamwork and togetherness. 


Today, she's improvising in the face of upheaval. A summer of weddings became a summer of cancellations. But she hasn't given up... and she hasn't given up on her mission to spread love, one bake at a time. 


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