ORCA BOOKS is a cozy reminder of what life was like before dot-com retailers overtook the brick-and-mortar bookstore. The used books lining the shelves are a faded-paper gradient of colors. Some are decades old. Other, more modern offerings dominate the COVID-era bestseller lists. 


They're all a part of the kaleidoscope of literary curiosities collected  in the 30 years since Linda Berensten purchased the store from her father, Bill. Today, she's nearing retirement. 


Together, with her staff, she's working towards building a lasting legacy. Orca Books is now a member-owned cooperative. With help from these community contributions, the new leadership team worked to move to a new retail location. 


And while the new space is a work-in-progress, the future is bright. One day, the team hopes to continue the tradition of hosting workshops and literary events. For now, they're content rebuilding the new Orca Books into a space where everyone feels welcome--and welcome to explore. 


It's this exploration that feels so special. In the era of one-click shopping, it's a beautiful reminder that any aisle can reveal your next great adventure. 


As a cooperative, Orca Books is thriving in the shop-small, COVID-era consumer landscape. And this success serves as a poignant reminder of what happens when the community works as one to continue a much-loved legacy. 

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