GABI'S CARDS AND COMICS IS A LACEY INSTITUTION. Owner Gabi Trautmann has created a fantasy-lovers' dream: two stories of floor-to-ceiling shelves housing the imaginary worlds we know and love. Visitors to the shop can leaf through stacks of comic books and graphic novels. Or they can wander the aisles on a quest to find the perfect role-playing game, toy or collectible. 


The store is a sanctuary for the imagination. And at Gabi's, everyone is welcome. 


The staff have also worked to curate a collection of media where heroes come from all walks of life. Seeing that representation is important for children, says Trautmann. She's worked to create a safe space for those in her community. And through the store’s charity, Gabi’s Kids, she's provided meals to vulnerable populations in the community experiencing food insecurity during shelter-in-place. This support goes both ways, too. During the toughest times of the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the Thurston community was there for Gabi and her team. Online orders came flooding in, providing income that proved to be crucial to the survival of the store. 


Through the town's continued patronage, Gabi was able to continually pay it forward. 


Today, the store is still going strong--offering a (much-needed) escape for those wanting to visit the imaginary worlds of Azeroth, Westeros and beyond... or for those Thurston residents who are simply wanting a safe haven and a home away from home. 

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