socially distanced documentaries showcasing resilience, strength and community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


THURSTON STORIES are a collection of shorts films created during the Phase 2 reopening in Washington's Puget Sound region. Each story offers a portrait of the faces, places and experiences of Thurston County. They feature local entrepreneurs, small business owners and maker adapting to the changing times. Together, they tell a story of a community that is resilient, collaborative and united. Moving forward, we hope these stories of resilience bring positivity and hope to the community. 

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GABI'S CARDS AND COMICS is a Lacey institution. Owner Gabi Trautmann has created a fantasy-lovers' dream: two stories of floor-to-ceiling shelves housing the imaginary worlds we know and love. Visitors to the shop can leaf through stacks of comic books and graphic novels. Or they can wander the aisles on a quest ... read more

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AMBER MARKLAND is the heart and soul behind Sift and Gather--a bakery and cake shop built on a foundation of love. She honed her skills ... read more


ORCA BOOKS is a cozy reminder of what life was like before dot-com retailers overtook the brick-and-mortar ... read more


ANN PETRICOLA and Joel Baranick are the dynamic duo behind Ellis Creek Farms - a small (but mighty) ... read more

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ANA ANDRADE is a third-generation restauranteur. Her parents and grandparents both opened restaurants in the Puget Sound area. Her cousins and extended ... read more


THE TOWN OF TENINO has a rich and storied history colored by working-class heroes and plucky entrepreneurs. In 1888, two partners discovered ... read more


MOVING THROUGHOUT our days, we sometimes forget about the wonder of human locomotion. We walk from room ... read more 


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“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.”


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